SWIS Students Ease Their Minds

by | Mar 14, 2019

When students returned from the February “long weekend” at Swanson Road Intermediate School, they got one more day without academics. Instead, they participated in a “Minding Your Mind” Day.

Principal Susan Lopez told Auburn Mass Daily, “On Wednesday, February 20th, all students and staff came together to learn about mindfulness, refuel their brains and bodies, try new experiences, and explore ways to practice these self care strategies on a day to day basis.”

When this idea first came up, a committee was put together to examine possible topics and to identify potential community resources to assist. As is so typical in Auburn, multiple businesses stepped up to help, and they brought with them leadership skills and activities to engage the students.

Nobody became an expert during this day, but the students benefited from the smorgasbord of activities and got to experience new things about mindfulness which helps put some space between ourselves and our reactions, breaking down our conditioned responses.

Participants and subjects were: Crossfit Kids, Elyce Roy; Yoga, Jessie Marcucci & Anita Ducharme; Green Trees, Kim Pond; Just Breath, Kim Welch; Parachute Time, Kyle Moriarty & Ann Shane; Yoga & Meditation, Jenn Brouillard; Musical Magic, Meg Speidel & Krissy Caruso; Self Control & Movement, McCoy’s Action Karate; Baking for Others, Amanda Montville; Kung Fu & Tai Chi, Gary Lachapelle; and Zen Tangle-A Meditative Drawing Experience, Gayla Bieksha.

The kitchen prepared brown bag lunches which were eaten in the classrooms, and the spirit of cooperation and calm was evident throughout the building. And, there was no test at the end. Enjoy this long weekend as well.