Band Tour Rocks Bryn Mawr

by | Dec 31, 2018

On the last day before the winter break, Auburn High School band and chorus members visited all the district schools and brought along some holiday cheer. Auburn Mass Daily caught up with them at Bryn Mawr Elementary.

Not only was there a live concert for the students and staff in the Cafetorium, but it was also pajama day, and Principal Beth Chamberland sported a shirt that read “Today is the best day ever.” When you think about it, it was.

A welcomed respite was only a few hours away, and everyone got to sing along with the music. The holidays are particularly fun for the younger students who still believe in Santa Claus and have likely sat on his lap at the Auburn Mall or another retail location.

The high school students always arrive in a variety of seasonal clothing, and their musical prowess can lift anyone’s spirits. The tour also exposes young students to musical instruments they might want to play in a few years, and that would be terrific since this tradition needs to continue.