Rockets Drain Quabbin 33-6

by | Nov 12, 2018

Due to anticipated heavy rains, Friday Night under the lights happened a day early last week. Coming into town, the Panthers had a 2-7 record, not vastly different from the Rockets’ record of 3-6. It looked like the game might be competitive and winnable by either squad. Once on Memorial Field, however, there was no contest.

If Coach Cormier had left the varsity players on longer than he did, the score would have been even more unbalanced. Quabbin only scored one touchdown, and that occurred late in the game when mostly freshmen and sophomores were protecting the Auburn end zone.

For the young Rockets this was a great opportunity to get some varsity play time, and today’s slideshow illustrates that. Auburn will play next on Thanksgiving Day morning when they face Holy Name.