Auburn Parade honors those who died serving the U.S.

by | May 30, 2018

A cool morning and low humidity made Monday’s Memorial Day Parade pleasant to watch for spectators and a better march up the Central St. hill for participants. Presented annually by the Chester P Tuttle Post 279 of The American Legion, this year’s parade was no exception in their sincere effort to honor those in Military Service who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country.

Honorary Marshals Ken Balkus and Al Larson, both WWII Veterans, road in their convertible and waved to the crowd. They were followed by service relate marchers and numerous military vehicles now in private ownership. Also in the lineup were bands from Auburn Middle School and Auburn High School and members of the Auburn Fire Rescue Department.

Also included were local politicians, civic groups, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts along with Campfire Girls, Blue Birds, Cub Scouts and even McCoy Action Karate. The parade ended at Hillside Cemetery where tributes were spoken, the high school band performed, Representative Paul Frost served as guest speaker, and the Poppies were placed.

Derek Brigham and Maddie Poshkus sang The National Anthem before the firing squad honored their brothers and sisters. The event concluded with Taps by Rebecca Fitton and the echo by Ray Garabedian.