Four-way race for school committee

by | May 14, 2018


George Scobie is a candidate for re-election to the School Committee where he is completing his second 3-year term. He has also served as Chairman for four years. He is the Lead Teacher in the Masonry & Tile Setting Program at Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical High School and holds a BS in Occupational Education and a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management.

Locally, Scobie is active in youth sports, his church and Auburn Youth and Family Services. He has also organized the creation of concrete benches for charity auctions. He has two boys in Auburn schools, grades 5 and 7.

What will you bring to the School Committee?

Continued collaboration with the superintendent, other town boards and the town’s administration. I’m proud of this and want to build on what we’ve already established.

What do you think is the District’s biggest challenge?

Keeping up with special education. Our district must be inclusive for all students, and we do our best to keep special education students in our schools and our community.

How can we meet this challenge?

We’re constantly moving the pieces (students and staff) around so every student is properly served. The town has also approved a Special Education Stabilization Account which will serve as a “rainy day fund” if a student with extraordinary needs comes along. We hope to contribute to the fund soon.

We may also have to help socialize students who don’t fit right in. That’s an avenue to know our students better.

Every time I speak to a group, I thank the residents for their support of the school system. I’m sincere about the gratitude.


Mary Decourcey moved to Auburn in 2015 and is a member of the Cultural Council. She is a write-in candidate for Town Meeting Member in Precinct 2. Mary is certified in education, special education and leadership and has 23 years of professional education experience. Currently, she is the JV softball coach at Leicester High School and regularly works with Special Olympics.

DeCourcey has a four-year-old foster child who will be entering Pre-K this fall.

What will you bring to the School Committee?

I’m an experienced educator who emphasizes access for all learners. I’m interested in rigor and get concerned when young people say they’re bored at school. I’m known for bringing people together and support Dr. Brunelle.

What do you think is the District’s biggest challenge?

Living in a time where we have high stakes testing, it is most important that students feel like they are known, seen and supported. It is most important to gain the support of families. Seniors in town are very supportive of our schools, but many want to be more involved.

How can we meet this challenge?

We need to bring people together. An adult education would certainly help engage seniors and other residents as well. Education is for everyone.


Meghan McCrillis is a tenured professor in Psychiatric Nursing at Quinsigamond Community College with 9 years of experience and recently received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice. Locally, she is active in the PTO and has coached youth soccer. She has also served on the advisory boards for two vocational technical high schools.

McCrillis will have one child in first grade and a second in kindergarten in the fall.

What will you bring to the School Committee?

Experience in education, curriculum development, and grant writing skills. My Masters is in Nursing Education and my teaching experience should be an asset as well.

What do you think is the District’s biggest challenge?

Making sure the finances are there to provide a solid education for our students. Security is a top concern as well.

How can we meet this challenge?

I will be an advocate for bringing in grants, and I’m willing to help out in the process. It’s not what I can change but rather what I can add.


Erika Sullivan has a BS in Business and is the Owner/Broker of her own real estate firm in Auburn. She serves on the Auburn Energy Committee and has worked in every Auburn school as a volunteer and substitute teacher. Her firm is an active sponsor of many local organizations and non-profits. She has a grade 10 student, twins in grade 1, and another child in kindergarten.

What will you bring to the School Committee?

Experience in conflict resolution and contract writing. I run a business in town and understand the relationship between good schools and housing. I’m also experienced with IEP’s (Individual Education Plans).

What do you think is the District’s biggest challenge?

Making sure the kids get a great education while, at the same time, making sure teachers and administrators are supported as well. Security is also a challenge. Our kids must feel safe at school.

How can we meet this challenge?

Implementing an anonymous reporting system for security concerns within the schools, building on the current texting program. Forming a student security group which could meet and offer input to the administration and the district’s security team.

The equity in our homes is protected by the quality of our school system. We’re all vested in the schools.