Field Hockey Comes Up Short In Finale

by | Nov 18, 2013

Watertown Wins 1-0

By John Anderson

In the State Championship Division 2 field hockey game on Saturday at WPI, returning champion Watertown High School held onto the title for the fifth year in a row. With about 12 minutes left in the first half, Watertown’s Mikayla Paone scored the only goal of the game off a Rachel Campbell assist. Such is the case with sports. One team scores, the other doesn’t. One team wins, the other doesn’t.

When I first wrote about the Auburn High field hockey program on September 5th, I admitted to being a neophyte observer of this sport. During the Rockets’ opener against Uxbridge, Auburn won 8-0. This was the first of 23 wins for our local team. As for Saturday, it was the first and final loss of the season, but I will not dwell on this fact.

Coach Bethann Cormier with her assistants Lee Duerden, Carolyn Moss, Erin Hickey, and Shayna Hipson have built a first rate team beginning at the middle school. The players also deserve a huge amount of credit. They play as a team, dress like a team, chant like a team, and win like a team. As an AHS athletic program, field hockey is more than successful. They contended in the state final four years ago and lost to Watertown 1-0. I hope the third time is a charm. Many of Saturday’s players have more time to capture the ultimate state title. The seniors do not.

So many seniors end their season with a loss, a fact of competition. For Auburn, Captain Erin Collins, Captain Lyndsey Gabrielian, Captain Paige Laperle, and players Catherine Hoey, Katherine Johnson, Mary Grace Judge, Jackie Matthews, and Jamie McNamara have played their last official game for their Alma Mater, but I don’t think it’s their last time on the turf. The bonds I have witnessed during the season will carry forward, and so will the victories. Six underclassmen were regular starters this year, and they will be the core for 2014. They will be joined by other talented girls from both the varsity and JV squads, and I look forward to a new team. I will miss this old team.

So, as the Lady Rockets put away their Bows, Braids, Bands and Shoes, they can hold their heads high knowing they played hard for Auburn High.

To the seniors, good luck in all your futures! You have served your Alma Mater with pride, skill, and dedication. Go Rockets!