Dozens of animals removed from Buron Ter. home

by | Mar 1, 2018

Auburn Police Detectives executed a search warrant at 4 Buron Terrace yesterday after reciveing multiple complaints and

Animals kept under inhumane conditions at 4 Buron Ter., Auburn [Auburn Police Dept. Photo]

reports about a home in the neighborhood.

Working together with the Town of Auburn Department of Development and Inspectional Services (DDIS), agents from the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Massachusetts Special State Police Officer Lt. Alan Borgal and Dr. Lorraine O’Connor, the Chief Veterinarian for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources, authorities discovered 61 puppies and kittens inside the home which authorities described as “extremely dirty” according to Auburn Police Sgt. Det. Scott Mills.

The search warrant was obtained after a report was received of cats and dogs living in filthy, unsanitary conditions. The property and its’ owners have been the subject of eleven (11) prior complaints filed with the Board of Health since 1993; all of which had been investigated with administrative actions taken.

A total of sixty-one (61) cats and dogs, including two litters of puppies and four litters of kittens, were removed from the home and will be medically evaluated. The residence was deemed to be unfit for human habitation and the property was posted as such after the residents were re-located.

The homeowner, Jean Anger, is are expected to face charges including animal cruelty and running an illegal kennel.  Auburn requires anyone owning more than 4 dogs to apply for a kennel license. It is unclear whether he husband Richard Anger will also face charges.

[Photo courtesy APD]

According to assessor records, the property is owned by a Richard Anger. Anger is also listed as a leader with House of Prayer, Inc. a revival Christian church, according to their Facebook page. The home at 4 Buron was once listed by Yelp! and other serach engines as the address for the House of Prayer, Inc.,  but the listings indicate the church moved to space at 70 James St. in Worcester.  It is unclear if the group is still active. The group has held traditional tent revivals in the area in years past, including at Auburn Sportsman’s Club. 

According to a statement by Auburn Police late Wednesday, they have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from citizens willing to adopt the animals.  According to police, the animals are being evaluated by veterinarians and will eventually be placed in foster homes currently used by Animal Rescue League of Boston.

“The adoption status of the animals will likely be determined as part of the disposition of the criminal charges.
When we know what that is, we will advise you of that information. Thank you for your caring and support of all of these dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.the animals are currently being medically evaluated” read the statement.