AMS Basketball Wraps Up – Slideshows

by | Feb 19, 2018

At the conclusion of their season, the boys middle school basketball team had a 2-12 record, but there’s more to this team than the record. Middle school basketball is an important feeder for Auburn High School, and some quality talent will be in the freshman class this fall.

Coach Adam Fahey gave shirts to 16 players this year, but the roster had dwindled to 13 when Auburn Mass Daily saw a game on January 26th. Many of the contests were near misses this season and so was the game against Millbury on the 26th when the Rockets fell 41-38.

Auburn gave this game all they had, but a missed pass late in the 4th quarter along with a foul gave the Woolies all the advantage they needed. 1.4 seconds were on the clock when the Rockets got their final possession, and there just wasn’t time to tie up the game.

The grade 8 students all played a solid game, and Mike Nadeau led with 18 points. JB Whittemore and Jared Skaparas each had 8, and Jace Wetzel scored one basket. Ryan Sullivan also added a couple of free throws in the 4th to help his team.



The middle school girls have been consistently strong for several years and new coach Kashawn Hampton and assistant Sarah Blanchard intend to keep it that way. The Rockets ended their season 11-3, and their 37-21 victory against Millbury on the 26th was quite entertaining.

Grade 7 player Hanorah Murphy put up the first 5 points of the game, and Auburn had a 5-0 lead after 1 quarter. With 3 minutes left in the half, the Woolies tied the game, 9-9, but that didn’t last after two 3’s by Arianna Gonzalez and a basket by Allison Frost.

The Rockets held Millbury to 3 points in the 3rd quarter and only 5 in the 4th to capture another win. Murphy led with 19 points, and Gonzalez followed with 11 including 3 from downtown. Frost netted 4; Meghan Stevens shot 2; and Payton Rano had 1.

The middle school cheerleaders performed both games as well and did a great job.