AHA Discusses Goals and Cable Rates

by | Nov 7, 2013

By John Anderson

The Auburn Housing Authority held its November meeting on Tuesday in the community room at Pakachoag Village. All board members were in attendance along with Executive Director Lori Brennan.

Bruce Johnston, Multi Dwelling Unit Account Executive for Charter Communications, explained their proposal for the next 5 years. He offered the company’s lowest rate for television service of $15.90 per month, plus fees. The price could increase as much as 6% per year during the contract duration. Wayne Page felt the Board should have more negotiating power, but this is Charters minimum price from their rate card. Ann Weston wanted more explanation on the fees in the interest of keeping residents’ costs as low as possible. Since the requested information was not immediately available, the Board will reconvene on November 14th at 3:30 for a vote on this single issue.

More discussion was held about the Public Comment Policy. There still appears to be confusion on the Public Comments agenda items at the beginning and end of each meeting and citizens asking questions during agenda discussion. Ms. Weston will be rewriting the policy. In contrast to the vote taken at the October meeting, those in attendance were invited to ask relevant questions during discussions. The way it should be.

The Board reviewed the evaluation of Executive Director Lori Brennan. Out of a possible 125 points, Brennan earned 109.5, a respectable review. Her goals for the next year are: Development of a web site for the Authority; Creating an applicant handbook; Developing a newsletter for residents; Updating the resident handbook, Updating the preventive maintenance manual; And developing an emergency management plan. Ann Weston added the goal of developing relationships with the community and local officials. The board unanimously approved these goals.

In the Executive Director’s Report, Ms. Brennan said the generators at Pakachoag Village and Stoneville Heights are nearing completion. In the event of an extended power outage, both complexes will have power in their community buildings so residents can gather in a heated space with lights and cooking facilities. In accordance with state regulations, both complexes will be upgraded to locked and self-closing exterior doors with an intercom system in each unit. Residents will have to “buzz in” guests in a more secure environment.

Ms. Brennan recognized the hard working maintenance staff that has a busy fall ahead. Leaves have to be picked up, gutters have to be cleaned, and preparations have to continue for the winter ahead. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for December 3rd at Stoneville Heights.