Rebecca’s Foundation offering families help getting started with cloth diaper service

by | Sep 13, 2017

The Rebecca Foundation’s ‘Cloth Diaper Closet’ (TRFCDC), a non-profit organization based out of San Antonio, TX, is excited to announce the opening of a new chapter in Central Massachusetts, where Lauren Webb will serve as the chapter president and represent the organization locally.

“We are extremely happy and proud that we are able to expand our reach into communities that are in desperate need of reusable diaper services. We are thrilled to partner with Lauren on this endeavour” states TRFCDC Founder Amanda La Bell. “Due to economic hardships and the perpetually rising cost of disposable diapers, many families are finding it increasingly difficult to purchase one of the most basic necessities in raising a child….diapers. With this new chapter opening, we are thrilled to be able to get reusable diapers into the hands of many families that do not have any other options available to them.”


TRFCDC was founded in Maryville, TN in August of 2012 after founder Amanda La Bell’s then nine year old daughter, Rebecca, asked why more families didn’t use cloth diapers. She did not understand that some families could not afford the initial start up cost associated with cloth diapers and asked her mom to do something to help those families. It was a rather simple question and yet a rather insightful revelation from a nine year old.

The foundation was born out of a child’s desire to help those who were not receiving the same good things that her infant sister was. Amanda took it upon herself to make Rebecca’s dream come to life and she created a program to provide families an alternative to the disposable diaper banks in their community. In August 2012, the foundation opened its doors and began to provide assistance to families in need locally. With early success locally, in March of 2013, It was a desire to help those beyond the Maryville, TN area that propelled TRFCDC to begin opening chapters across the United States. We currently have 75 plus chapters located across the country.

Families who are currently on a government assistance program, military affiliated , foster parents or parents of special needs children can complete an application for assistance online. Approved applicants will be provided with reusable diapers, on

For more information on The Rebecca Foundation’s Cloth Diaper Closet or to find a chapter near you, go to Central Ma Chapter contact: