150 Earn Diplomas at Auburn High

by | Jun 5, 2017

The Class of 2017 was the 82nd for Auburn High School, and 150 seniors walked across the stage to accept their diplomas on Friday night. While this class was small by recent standards, there was no shortage of talent. Whether it was on an athletic field, on stage, or at an academic competition, the Class of 2017 left its mark.

Valedictorian Leah Healy summarized her class nicely, “Now, each of us, whether we are athletes, mathletes, musicians, dancers, writers or artists, will go about our futures differently. These next years in our life are for discovering what we can contribute to the world, and I cannot wait to see what we all accomplish.”

Class President Matt Russell also spoke, “Growing up, the year 2017 seemed like a year that was so far in the distance. Getting our t-shirts in the 5th grade with the words ‘Class of 2017’ made us all think that we all had plenty of time until we moved into the real world. Before we knew it, the year 2017 came way too fast.”

In his speech, Principal Casey Handfield gave graduates some sound advice for the future, “But, as important as it is to identify goals, and develop a plan of action to realize these goals, it is even more important that your plan is your plan. Your life is your life. Take responsibility for it. Own it. Enjoy it. You have the power to create your destiny.”

The following students are this year’s graduates. *Denotes National Honor Society Member & °Denotes Tri-M National Music Honor Society Member:

High Honors: Elizabeth Marie Anusauskas*, Alexi Michelle Archambault*, Meg Elizabeth Beauregard*, Riley Daniel Beauregard*, Tea Hope Belog*°, Andrea Catharine Bolduc*, Sarah Ann Cavanaugh*, Siobhan Leigh Collins*°, Gracie Kathryn Curtis*°, Leah Elizabeth Healey*, Rachel Lynn Hearnlaye*, Kileigh Elizabeth Hynes*, Jillian Marie Katinas*, Victoria Rose Konicki, Erik Robert Kozlowski*, James Davis Krikorian*, Ioannis Kyriazis*, Paige Cassidy LeFrancois*, Patrick John Lynch*, Emma Jeanne Lyons*, Brianna Leigh Montville*, Alicia Nicole Murphy*, Emily Jean Narel*, Julia Elizabeth Sypek*, Zachary Ryan Taylor*°, Monica Kim Tran*, Nicholas John Williams*, and Allison Jean Woeller

Honors: Ayanna Evelyn Bedard*, Lindsay Renee Berthiaume*, Mary Elizabeth Byrne, Jessilyn Susan Collette, Hannah Carolyn Coomber, Max Alden Donahue, Heather Lynn Elwell, Abigail Eileen Fahey*, Jessica Donna Ferris, Megan Ann Fleming, Emma Catherine Halloran, Leah Marie Halloran, Alexander Thomas Hammond*, Jasmine Marie Hickey, Serena Rose Kelly °, Nora Danielle LeBlanc*, Abigail Kathleen Lloyd, Jillian Elizabeth MacDonald, Luke Thomas Matthews, Aleen Mariam Merzoian, Anthony Iddaniel Miranda*, William Jacob Mitchell, Monika Mularski, Niamh Anderson Toomey, and Michelle Zheng*

Graduates: Jordyn Ashley Abasciano, Hazim Meqdam Al Nassar*,
Jianna Rae Baroni, Megan Laura Bean, Matthew Stephen Belvery, Christopher James Bernier, Patrick Roy Berthiaume, Tristan Sean Blouin, Mackenzie Paige Bolduc, Adrianna Claire Boschetto, Ryan Patrick Brackett, Cameron Edward Cadarette, Jenna Leona Campbell, Tyler Martin Camuso, Reese Morgan Casavecchia, Elizabeth Joan Cedrone, Derek Craig Chamberland, Christopher Angel Cintron, Anthony Roland Coccio, Colleen Mary Cutting, Rebecca Isabella Czamara, Lisa Marie Dickinson, Kayleigh Ann Donovan, William Wallace Erickson °, Joseph Taylor Facteau, Nicole Ann Fancy, Ryan Patrick Farrell, Mark Julian Forgues IV, Donald Wilbur Ganley, Brandyn Jon Geldart, Dakota Ann Gleason, Cameron Joseph Godin,

Lucas Peter Gordon, Ronnie Michael Grandmaison, Trent William Grandmaison, Megan Kathleen Gurlitz, Devin Darrell Hayes, Xochitl Maritiza Hernandez-DeGruttola, Collin Joseph Hines, Benjamin Coleman Jarvis, Stephen Michael John, Rachael Kara Johnson, Jacob Darrow Kusy, Joseph Michael Lacava, Alex Francis Laforte, Zachary Chillingworth Lamonda, Emily Jane Lancaster, Sophia Lynn Laperle, Sarah Rose Lempicki, Marc Emerson Louis, Adam Richard Lucier, Leon Ly, Gavin Richard-Dean Mahlert, Ryan Thomas Mallonee, Corrin Cynthia Marchetta, Isabella Marie Masiello, Dilon Michael Mastrorio, Shannon Rose McGrath, Jonathan Douglas Mikkila, Lais Semeniuk Milioli, Renee Ruth Morin °, Evan Patrick Murphy, Kyle Farias Nash, Kelly Ngo,

Antonio David Noonan, Olivia Obrebski, Gabrielle Alexus Powers °, Michelle Margaret Price, Cameron Michael Prosser, Hannah Rose Racine, Tyler Marie Rano, Genevieve Madison Rumrill, Matthew Paul Russell, Connor Rolland Sampson °, Steven Edward Saucier, Andrew James Savage, Kamryn Celene Houghton Seliger, Cameron Ian Shays, Justin Robert Shippee, Victoria Lynn Simonian, William Thomas Sjogren, Emily Catherine Spafford, Stephanie Marie Spring, Nathaniel Leo Strafer, Nicholas Gregory Strafer, Caitlyn Elizabeth Sullivan °, Rachel Judith Sullivan °, Benjamin Emanuel Sunagel, Josh Michael Tower, Jacob Russell Turcotte*, Jason Edward Usher, Kiara Valdes, Andrew John Walsh, Jennalee Daisey Warren, Kevin Yvon Wheeler, Devin James White, and Makayla Leigh Woodbury

Congratulations to all, and enjoy the next phase of your lives. Auburn Mass Daily will be publishing the scholarship and award recipients.