Pakachoag Church Establishes Community Garden

by | May 22, 2017

Working through an initiative launched in 2016 by Pakachoag Church dubbed Eco-Auburn, and with current support from the Auburn Cultural Commission, Auburn Recreation and Culture, the Auburn Library, and other community participants, an effort is underway to establish a Community Marketplace, and a Community Garden, the latter of which is ready to move forward.

A plot about 50 by 40 feet on Church land abutting the Pappas Recreational Complex has now been tilled (with thanks to Luke and Whitney Slepin of Abundance Family Farm in Charlton) and is ready to be “subdivided” for interested parties to cultivate. Years ago, this land was used for pasture and haying and appears to be in prime shape to support crops. A soil sample is being sent to UMass Amherst for analysis.

Submitted Photo

Sub-plots approximately 10 by 10 are available free of charge to anyone who is willing to make a commitment to work the plot. Any produce grown would be for the “farmer’s” own use, or to be donated at his or her choice. Written guidelines are in process, but a main requirement is that the land be maintained chemical free. Water is available at the Church building, and plans are laid out to collect rainwater as well. There is ready access to the property, with ample parking. Fencing is on the list of “improvements” that will be made as this project develops.

Any bit of volunteer help, spreading compost and mulch, working on the rain barrel project, or just seasoned experience with gardening are most welcome. Please direct any inquiries to the Church office, and check the Church website,, or Facebook page for updates.