Auburn Youth Basketball Has Another Great Year

by | Mar 29, 2017

While covering a high school game this winter and with Auburn losing, a referee commented, “Auburn really isn’t a basketball town, is it?” My response went something like, “We have a great youth basketball program, and the middle school teams are also doing well. Lately, it just seems to fall apart at the high school level.”

Youth basketball was a tremendous experience for my son and family. Back then it was St. Joseph’s Basketball even though the church had nothing to do with it anymore. As the league morphed into Auburn Youth Basketball, there was success in both the local contests and travel teams. That fun and development continues today, and this winter, nearly 500 children participated.

The winning league teams were:

Senior Girls Champions: Head Coach – Paul Frost
Miranda Courteau, Maura Anish, Lily-Ann C’Miel, Abigail Frost, Allison Frost, Emily Henry, Alexa Reheuser and Victoria Robichaud.

Senior Boys Champions: Head Coach – Nick John
Zach Amero, Joe Barnes, Aiden Benison, Jackson Bolduc, Carter Coughlin,
Andy Dileo, Ryan Murphy, Cam Scobie, Liam Silva and Brendan Slomski.

Junior Girls Champions: Head Coach- Jay Foley
Sophia Charest, Mackenzie Donahue, Ella Ferguson, Clare Foley, Emily Hunter, Marion Ngumi, Mary O’Brien, Megan O’Shea and Vivian Silva.

Junior Boys Champions: Head Coach – Ralph Capaldi
Dante Capaldi, Trevor Amero, Joshua Hubbell, Hector Alonzo, Casey Shrauger, Christian Sacco, Jeremy Toscano, Luke Heller, Jordan McFadden and Liam Doyle.

Additionally, the boys grade 6 travel team coached by Jen Maurello and Tim Smith won the C division. The players were Ethan Adamiak, Logan Bostock, Joe Coburn, Zach Cote, Matt Hubbell, Brody Lewos, Sebastian Obas, Sydney Obas, Zach Schieble and Trevor Smith.