AFD Assists at N. Brookfield Fire

by | Oct 28, 2013

North_Brookfield_10-25-13_pic_1On Friday October 25th the Auburn Fire Rescue Department responded as part of the District 7 Central Structural Strike Team to the Town of North Brookfield. The fire at the Valley View School on Oakham Rd. started around 7:00 pm. The strike team was activated just after 8:00 pm to provide an additional response force to fight the blaze in the main building of the school which serves as a dormitory, theatre facility and dining area for the 38 middle school aged children that attend the school. All of the students and staff were inside the school at the time of the blaze and all escaped without injury.

Auburn’s Tower 1 along with Fire Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr. who serves as the central structural strike team commander responded along with engine and ladder companies from Leicester, Oxford and Worcester. The strike team was released from the scene around 10:30 pm.