Auburn Sprints into Another Great Season

by | Jan 10, 2017

Coach Alison Rusack sits with freshman Faith Tshiyoyo who was exhausted after coming in fourth in the 1-mile run. Obviously, Faith was feeling better. ©2017 John R. Anderson

Indoor track has become a consistent performer for the Rockets, and this year is no exception. The boys and girls each added three more wins last Wednesday, and they are 7-2 and 8-1, respectively. The opponents were Bartlett, Bay Path and Southbridge, and the boys scores were: AHS 50 – Bartlett 35; AHS 46 – Bay Path 39; and AHS 61 – Southbridge 24. The girls results were: AHS 60 – Bartlett 17; AHS 55 – Bay Path 22; and AHS 64 – Southbridge 12.

Indoor track meets are held at either Northbridge or Tantasqua, and the quality of Tantasqua’s facility is worth keeping the D1 school in SWCL. Indoor meets are interesting and crowded events. On Wednesday, 8 schools participated, but a given school is scored only against the teams it opposes during the meet. The official results list everyone, so they must be interpreted.

Girls Scores:

Shot Put: Andrianna Boschetto 1st; Emily Saucier 2nd; Hansi Confer 3rd.

High Jump: Alexa Katsoulis 2nd;

55M Hurdles: Maggie Grogan 1st; Brianna Leon 2nd; Corrine Oliver 3rd.

55M Dash: Obiamaka Igwenagu 1st; Olivia Mikkila 4th; Sophia Laperle 5th.

1-Mile: Andrea Bolduc 1st; Allison Anusauskas 2nd; Faith Tshiyoyo 4th.

300M Dash: Sophia Laperle 1st; Alexa Katsoulis 3rd.

600M Run: Carly Filiere 1st; Grace Levansavich 3rd; Maggie Grogan 4th;

Hansi Confer 5th; Emma Crowley 6th.

1000M Run: Gabriela Wyspianski 3rd; Carly Hayes 5th; Grace Beauregard              6th.


Boys Scores:

Shot Put: Alex Hamond 2nd.

High Jump: Parker Plona 3rd.

2-Mile: Marcus Lapointe 1st; Beb Sunagel 5th.

55M Dash: David Nelson 1st; Anthony Cintron 3rd.

1-Mile: Ethan Goodreau 2nd.

300M Dash: David Nelson 1st.

600M Run: Joseph Conway 1st; Zach Johnson 4th; Cameron McGrath 5th.

1000M Run: Ethan Goodreau 1st; Marcus Lapointe 2nd; Parker Plona 3rd.

4x200M Relay: Auburn 2nd.