Massachusetts and Oregon Highlight Rt. 20 – Longest Continuous Road in U.S.

by | Dec 13, 2016


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) and the community of Newport, Oregon have installed mileage signs marking each end of Route 20, the longest continuous road in the United States.

Highway Administrator Thomas J. Tinlin joined City of Boston officials and MassDOT personnel at an event today to unveil MassDOT’s mileage sign at the eastern end of Route 20 in Kenmore Square in Boston.  “There are many things that divide our country, but Route 20 is one thing that connects us,” said Administrator Tinlin. “It has been our pleasure to join with leaders in Newport to highlight this historic highway that passes through 12 states and links many great communities together.”  

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Massachusetts’ section of Route 20, which was constructed beginning in 1926, travels through 5 counties and 25 municipalities, running parallel to I-90, (the Massachusetts Turnpike), from Boston to the New York Border. 

“Highway 20 is an iconic American highway that stretches across the heart of our country and connects two great cities, Boston, Massachusetts, and Newport, Oregon,” said Oregon State Representative David Gomberg. “I’d like to thank ODOT and Massachusetts DOT officials for making these signs a reality. Hopefully they will encourage folks to visit Newport and see for themselves what a special place it really is.”

Spanning 3,365 miles, the eastern end of Route 20 is approximately 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in Kenmore Square, and the western end is within 1 mile of the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Oregon. The western end of Route 20 was originally located at the entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, but the highway was extended into Oregon in 1940, and then all the way to Newport, Oregon in 1945.