HealthSource Takes Comprehensive Wellness Approach

by | Oct 24, 2013

IMG_7852Chiropractic care has long been an important treatment for people with chronic pain resulting from injuries, overuse and other causes.  HealthSource in Auburn provides such care, and takes treatment to a new level.

“We offer the common adjustments, skeletal and deep tissue treatment you’d expect” says Dr. Adam Burch.  “But we look for a comprehensive approach to wellness.”

Unlike many chiropractic practices, patients are unlikely to just sit in the waiting area for their appointment.  Instead, patients are brought to HealthSource’s well-equipped fitness are where they are taught and encouraged to stretch, perform some resistance training, and receive assisted stretching and tissue therapy.  “Our waiting are is probably the least used room in the office” says licensed massage therapist Rosemary Nolan, one of two massage therapists working out of the Auburn office.

If you do end up in the waiting area for a few minutes, do yourself a favor and grab a cup of their daily fruit water.  Simply made from various fruits, vegetables and herbs steeped in a glass carafe, the water flavors are constantly changing.  “I don’t think we have repeated a combination yet in 9 months” says Nolan.

The HealthSource approach is that patients won’t see symptom relief as quickly if they simply come into the office for chiropractic and massage treatments every few weeks. The wellness process must carry into thee patients’ daily lives as well.  “We teach stretching routines that don’t require special equipment.  Patients can do them at home on their own every day.  And that’s what we encourage them to do.” says Dr. Burch.  “We also counsel our patients about proper nutrition, stress management and sleep routines. ” adds Nolan.


The comfortable, modern office is located at 19 MidState Drive conveniently located right off Rt. 12 in Auburn.  Patients find a variety of modern equipment, from treatment tables and private massage rooms to two large massage chairs.  “Those are really popular with the children who come with their parents.” laughs Nolan.

Since opening in February of this year, the Auburn HealthSource office has worked hard to integrate into the healthcare community, as well as into the community at large.  “Chiropractic care has become and accepted,
mainstream treatment.” says Burch.  “We work with primary caregivers to provide comprehensive treatment.  One of our goals is to help patients reduce or even eliminate medications when we can.”

Dr. Burch adds that, with management, some patients can significantly reduce their reliance on pain medications, and even blood pressure or diabetes medications with sound exercise and nutritional counseling.  “That’s good for everyone.” Burch says. “I emphasize to patients the difference between being healthy and being ‘not sick’.”


HealthSource is active in the community as well.  They regularly volunteer time at local road races, helping to tape runners and providing free assessments.  “Community outreach helps us to reach potential clients.” says Nolan.  “It also lets us give to the community, which we wanted to do from the day we started.”  Indeed, the walls in the little-used waiting area are covered with letters of thanks and gratitude from organizations and individuals for whom Dr. Burch and his staff have volunteered during their relatively short time here in Auburn.  Dr. Burch also offers free wellness talks every other Tuesday from 6-7:30 pm  at their Auburn office.

HealthSource can even help your organization with fundraising.  “We offer $10 massage gift certificates to local non-profits.” says Nolan.  “We can even have the organization’s name printed on them.  The group sells the certificates and keeps the proceeds.”

HealthSource is not just for those of us starting to feel the effects of our age, either.  Dr. Burch and his team also treat children and young athletes.  Using the same comprehensive approach used with adult patients, the HealthSource team helps youngsters address common issues like pain due to heavy school backpacks, childhood obesity, nutrition and avoiding sports injuries.  Sometimes, children will even exercise with their parents in the HealthSource fitness area during the parents’ appointments.  “We are about family health.” adds Dr. Burch.


While chiropractic care is become more recognized and accepted by major insurers, not everyone has coverage that includes chiropractic. HealthSource does accept major insurances, they also offer other flexible payment options.  “We have a program called ChiroHealth USA.  For $39 a year, the entire family receives discounted services through our office.” says Nolan.

Patients can also use flexible spending and health savings accounts.  HealthSource also offers a three-tiered Wellness Club that offers regular chiropractic care and a variety of wellness supplements.

“Whatever the need or complaints, we encourage anyone who is interested or curious about chiropractic and therapeutic massage to come in for a free visit and assessment.”  says Nolan.  Dr. Adam Burch, Rosemary Nolan, LMT and Caroline Cartellier, LMT  make up the Auburn team of HealthSource providers.  HealthSource Auburn can be reached at 508-832-5050.  Their website contains lots of information and helpful wellness tips, as well.