School Committee Urges “No” on 2

by | Oct 31, 2016

On October 5, 2016 members of the Auburn School Committee unanimously signed a letter of resolution against lifting the cap on Commonwealth Charter Schools.

I was educated in public schools. I now teach in a public school and have done so for over 16 years. As a member of the Auburn, MA School Committee since 2012, I have a special appreciation and am acutely aware of the needs of our public schools. Regardless of the obstacles placed in front of our school district, we strive to reach and educate EVERY student in a deep and meaningful way.

I am proud to be a part of a school district who’s focus is on ALL of our children, and not just those selected through a lottery process. Let’s continue to renovate and update current teaching facilities, build new schools, equip our teachers with the newest technologies, and ensure every child is given the same opportunity to be successful.

We as a district currently face unfunded mandates, budget shortfalls, and an increasing population of students who need and deserve special attention and accommodations.
I am asking that you support the mission of your School Committee and school district as we work as a team, utilizing your tax dollars and state funding to continue to make what we have better. Vote no on question 2.


George A. Scobie
Chairperson, Auburn School Committee