Unified Track Meet Held in Auburn

by | May 3, 2016

By John Anderson

The unified track teams from Auburn and Hudson participated in a meet last Thursday with the assistance of the Auburn track & field team and coaches. Participants competed in the shot put, javelin, long jump and numerous races. Although there is no declared winner in unified track, times and distances are logged to qualify individuals for future competition.

Kathleen Lutz is the coach for Auburn’s new program, and she said 31 students are participating this fall. Patti Doherty, Massachusetts Special Olympics Manager of Youth Engagement and Schools, was also on hand for the event. Doherty said having 31 students on board for a first year program was fantastic.

In honor of this great new program, electronic files may be downloaded from today’s slide show free of charge. Just go to the gallery link and click “Download” from the menu, or right click on the image you wish to download. Prints and other products will incur their normal charges. Good luck in future meets!


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