Tape is a New Art Medium at AMS

by | Apr 28, 2016

By John Anderson

Back on March 18th, some Auburn Middle School art students saw a presentation on Tape Art before tackling murals at the school and across the parking lot at the Life Care Center. A grant from the Auburn Cultural Council made this project possible, and Michael Townsend brought some great knowledge to the aspiring artists. He also brought assistant Leah Smith and a very large duffle bag filled with painter’s tape.

AMS Art Teacher Michelle Prunier told Auburn Mass Daily, “I originally met Michael Townsend when I was in High School at Wachusett Regional. I was chosen for Art All-State and he was the visiting artist that showed his process and was creating a mural on the wall of the Worcester Art Museum.”

“I’ve been teaching at AMS for 6 years now and have wanted to do a mural of some kind. Middle school students can be some of the most innovative people and they love working with dynamic material. As I brainstormed ideas, this is what struck out to me the most! We are constantly evolving and so is our art, and the idea that this mural is temporary makes all the more impact and teaches us to remember impermanence is part of the human condition.”

“30 Art Club students as well as the students in my class all participated in the creation of the mural that day. It is about community coming together, students working with one another with a shared vision. Students grouped themselves by what their “Neverland” would be, playing off our spring play of Peter Pan. They joined together, and with only a few instructions and some demo’s on how to use the tape, they set to work!”

“On Monday, the Art Club students then went to the Auburn Life Care to collaborate with the residents to create a mural that they would like to see in their main hallway and ice cream parlor. Students again joined together to make a community connect. The residents loved it and enjoyed watching, and some even participated.”

Students were limited to only blue and green for the murals since painter’s tape only comes in two colors, but they creatively added texture and dimension to their work through manipulation of this sticky material. The images in today’s slide show were either created by Auburn Mass Daily or submitted by the Auburn Middle School. The work is very different and very interesting. A great job by all those involved.

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