National Honor Society Inducts New Members

by | Apr 13, 2016

By John Anderson

Last Thursday evening, 33 Auburn High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society. They join the 42 students who were inducted over the past two years. Under the guidance of Advisors Bethany Dunton and Spencer Kennard, the ceremony was run by this year’s officers, President Samantha Moreau, Vice-President Jessica Clifford, Secretary Dawn Bissessar, Treasurer Olivia Hamparsoomian, and Historian Emily Sarkisian.

Inductees from the Class of 2016 are Stephanie Bolduc and Amanda Gomes; from the Class of 2017: Meg Beauregard, Andrea Bolduc, Abigail Fahey, Paige LeFrancois, and Michelle Zheng; and from the Class of 2018: Samantha Barrell, Cole Belog, Hannah Cherry, Megan Corey, Sydney Dinsdale, Kerri Dowd, Carly Filiere, Emily Frost, Maggie Grogan, May Huynh, Emma Jette, Brianna Leon, Isabella Lourie, Gwenyth Lutz, Katelyn Norwood, Stephanie Peterson, Kyle Powers, Samantha Sheehan, Jacob Stokes, Madison Swedberg, Brenda Ta, Jennifer Tarini, Rick Therrian, Matthew Tran, Bridget White, and William Wright.

Existing members from the Class of 2016 are Alexa Adams, Dawn Bissessar, Katherine Brophy, Megan Chestna, Connie Chung, Jessica Clifford, Brooke Gallway, Katherine Brophy, Olivia Hamparsoomian, Hanna Harris, KarlaKahale, David Klett, Samantha Moreau, Nhi Nguyen, Kyle Novakoski, Yaa Opoku-Agyeman, Katheryn Ruzzoli. Emily Sarkisian, Riley Simmons, Lindsey Thunberg, Sarah Vincent, and Lily White.

Members from the Class of 2017 are Elizabeth Anusaukas, Alexi Archambeault, Tea Belog, Sarah Cavanaugh, Siobhan Collins, Gracie Curtis, Leah Healey, Rachel Hearnlaye, Kileigh Hynes, Jillian Katinas, James Krikorian, Ioannis Kyriazis, Emma Lyons, Anthony Miranda, Brianna Montville, Emily Narel, Julia Sypek, Zachary Taylor, Jacob Turcotte, Nicholas Williams, and Allison Woeller.

The Keynote Speaker was Andrew Johnson, an AHS Alumnus and President of the Class of 2012. He is a senior at UCONN majoring in secondary English education and is completing his student teaching in Hartford where he is teaching freshman composition. After graduation, he will stay at UCONN to complete his Masters in in curriculum.


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Johnson told the audience, “If you think like a good person and act like a good person, then, hey, you’re most likely a good person. Although being a member of the NHS is certainly not the only way to be a good person, I’d say that the four pillars of NHS: scholarship, leadership, service, and character point towards the ideal everyday nobility of a good person.”

Mr. Johnson’s speech was very well received, and the students really connected with him. He’s also a very interesting guy to converse with, and he will likely become a fantastic teacher.

In addition to the induction, numerous awards were presented. Karla Kahale was given the Academian Award while Lily White earned the “Golden Shovel” for helping a multitude of seniors with snow removal. Tutoring Awards went to Nhi Nguyen, Yaa Opoku-Agyeman, Leah Healy, and Rachel Hearnlaye.

Fund-Raising Awards were presented to Nhi Nguyen, Yaa Opoku-Agyeman, Emily Sarkisian, Elizabeth Anusauskas, and Emma Lyons. Communications Awards were given to Gracie Curtis and Yaa Opoku-Agyeman, and Olivia Hamparsoomian earned the Volunteerism Award.

Congratulations to all these students and their families, the NHS advisors, and all the members of the Auburn Public School Team.