Gleason Accepted to Art All-State Masssachusetts

by | Apr 12, 2016

Dakota Gleason has been accepted into Art All-State. This program required an extensive application process involving essay writing, recommendation letters, artwork submission, and an interview by a panel of judges. The competition was stiff, and Gleason made the cut.

Art All-State Massachusetts is an intense two-day program that brings together 145 high school juniors of exceptional artistic potential and commitment to work with practicing artists to create collaborative installations. Art All-State is designed by prominent art teachers to provide students with an understanding of art related careers and direct knowledge of contemporary art forms.

During the program, students will work in groups to explore contemporary art and use their newfound knowledge to inspire their collaborative work.  Students will be exposed to many possible art careers as the 16 artist mentors discuss their work and share experiences providing a valuable resource for young artists. The event will culminate with a public viewing and reception of the work created in the two-day program. Art All-State also includes a program for parents to take place just before the public viewing.

This program aims to answer questions that parents may have about careers in the arts and how the program may assist in providing resources to aid in the decision- making process.