Auburn Schools 2017 Budget Public Hearing Slated for April 6

by | Mar 22, 2016

On Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Auburn High School, the Auburn School Committee will hold its Public Hearing on the proposed FY 2017 budget for the Auburn
Public Schools. This Public Hearing is being held in compliance with M.G.L. Chapter 71, Section 38N.

The proposed FY 2017 school budget is $23,833,302.26. The total amount requested reflects an increase of $401,910.45 or 1. 71% above the amount appropriated in FY 2016, which includes the
$144,519.81 approved for FY 2016 at the March 24, 2015 Special Town Meeting. The school department’s budget was created in a fiscally responsible manner in full recognition of the financial challenges before us as individuals and as a community.

As residents of the Town of Auburn, you are invited to the Public Hearing, a meeting which is open to all. The draft budget is posted on the website. Dr. Brunelle, Superintendent of Schools, would encourage you to visit the site by accessing www. auburn. k12. ma. us. Once there, you will find a link on the top navigation bar, “District Departments.” Click on “Business Office” and you will find the folder entitled FY 2017 Budget.

If you have difficulty accessing the budget, please feel free to stop by the Superintendent’s Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and we will gladly provide you
with a copy. Copies will be available beginning on March 17, 2016. In addition to having the opportunity to ask questions on April 6th, please know that if you have questions regarding the proposed budget prior to or following the Public Hearing, Dr. Brunelle would be happy to answer them. She can be reached at 508-832-7755 or via e-mail at

Thank you for your continued support of the Auburn Public Schools and we look forward to sharing our proposed budget with you on April 6th at 7:00 p. m.