Eagle Scout Candidate Collecting Bikes for Underprivileged Children

by | Mar 9, 2016

By Jeff LaBonte

Troop 53’s Cameron Ganong is closing in on the highest achievement available to Boy Scouts; the rank of Eagle Scout. One of the many requirements for earning the rank is to complete a community service project. Cameron decided he was going to collect fifty used bikes, fix them up, and work through a local service organization to provide those bikes to kids without.

“I talked to AYFS about them connecting me with kids who may need bikes” said Cameron. “I’ll probably talk to other groups, since AYFS probably doesn’t have that many kids in need of bikes.”

Asked why fifty bikes, Cameron replied “It seemed like a good number.”

Said Cameron’s mother, Christine Ganong, “Fifty bikes took up a lot more space than we thought!”

Cameron Ganong poses with the many bikes he had collected last fall (Submitted photo)

Cameron Ganong poses with the many bikes he had collected last fall (Submitted photo)

After submitting his community service proposal to the troop’s committee, which then sends it along to regional and national offices for final approvals, Cameron began the process of asking the community for donations.

“They came in pretty fast” said Cameron. “Faster than we thought.”

Now that he has the bikes, there is some work to do before they can be delivered to children.

“I’m talking to some bike shops and some companies about donating time or supplies to help fix the bikes up, and to get helmets donated as well” said Cameron.

Once the bikes have been repaired and helmets secured, Cameron plans to host a bike safety day including the bike recipients. “We’ll work through AYFS to invite the kids to the event,” said Cameron. “It will probably be at one of the churches, and an Auburn police officer has already said he would assist at the bike safety day.”

The participants would leave with some bike safety knowledge, a helmet, and a ‘new-to-them’ bicycle. “We are hoping to hold the event in mid-June” added Christine Ganong.

Anyone interested in donating to help Cameron complete the project can contact Christine at redsox@charter.net.