Rockets Misfire Against Rebels

by | Feb 25, 2016

By John Anderson

Although Auburn lost its final regular season game to Notre Dame, 62-48, on Monday night, they should be holding their heads high for playing an excellent game. If the Rockets had not fallen behind in the first half, the game would have been closer since each team scored 29 points in the second.

The Rebels were led by seniors Molly Terry and Allie Smiley who scored 30 and 29 points respectively. The rest of the team added only 3 points. The home team was led by junior Colleen Cutting with 20 points followed by senior Emily Sarkisian with 16. Teammate Liz Anusauskas dropped 6 while Hanna Harris had 4 and Brianna Courteau scored 2. During the game, Sarkisian had two 3-pointers, and Cutting had 4.

The fact that 5’5” Sarkisian and 5’6” Cutting could score what they did against multiple Rebels in the 6-foot range is the highlight of this contest. Today’s slideshow illustrates the good and the bad of the height discrepancies.

Also of note, though, is the score differential that Notre Dame has enjoyed this season. Their best win was 44 points over Tantasqua, and their closest game was a 2-point win over Holy Name. Only five games were below the 14-point differential that Auburn had.

Notre Dame will likely end their season with a win tonight over North Middlesex. That would be a well-deserved perfect season, 20-0, for the Rebels. The Rockets are 12-8, not bad for team with only a few tall players.

The MIAA will begin the playoff schedules on Friday. Good luck Ladies. You make Auburn High proud.

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