Auburn Cultural Council Announces Grant Recipients

by | Jan 12, 2016

The Auburn Cultural Council has announced $5,755 in grants to Auburn organizations.  The ACC distributes funds provided through the Massachusetts Cultural Council.  Following state and local guidelines, the ACC solicits applications, and aims to distribute the money to worthy applicants, including children, students, seniors and lovers of the arts, who are able to enjoy a variety of programs sponsored in part or completely by the Auburn Cultural Council.

The 2016 grants selections include:

1. “A Step Back in Time”. Allison Chery was awarded $700 for Pakachoag school . Teachers from Plimouth Plantation will visit and do a presentation.
2. Amanda Bastien from Auburn High School was awarded $453 to take a group of students to the Boston Museum of fine arts.
3. Auburn Democratic Town Committee received $448 to sponsor a trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, in a grant proposed by chairperson Tricia Joyce
4. A group from Auburn Youth and Family Services will enjoy an afternoon at the Hanover Theatre thru $400 grant.
5. The Audio Journal, INC, an organization that provides programming for the blind was awarded $300 to present The Silver Tsunami.
6. Christine Robbins of Auburn Middle School received $100 for “Packaging and Design: Connecting Math with Design”
7. Jean Collins, Library Director requested and received $310 to present UP UP and Away/ Mad Science of Western New England.
8. A presentation on Character Engagement with Children received $820 for the Auburn Library.
9. A pass to Plimouth Plantation will be at the Auburn Library thru a $314 grant.
10. A Davis Farmland Discount will also be available at the library thru a $250 grant.
11. “Hands on Nature-Winter Hibernation” will be presented at the Library thru a grant for $160.
12. A sing-a- long will be presented at the Auburn Library by Matthew Heaton thru a $200 grant.
13. Michele Prunier at Auburn Middle school received $500 for a Community Tape Art Mural project.
14. A group of Fourth Graders at Swanson School will participate in “Farm to Fork” thru a grant given to Sarah Connell for $300.
15. Tammy Bailey will present a program at Auburn Middle School entitled “Grecian Culture and Masks” thru a $500 grant. 16. The Marble Collection, Inc .(TMC) was given $200 to support its free arts programs and publications.