Brianna Allain of Auburn Selected for UMass Amherst’s Highly Selective iCons Program

by | Jan 5, 2016

The University of Massachusetts Amherst today announced that Brianna Allain was one of only 61 undergraduate students selected for its highly competitive iCons (Integrated Concentration in Science) program. More than 160 freshman and sophomores applied for one of the coveted iCons spots through a competitive process available to roughly 5,000 undergraduate students majoring in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The UMass iCons program builds on students’ course of study by providing them with the skills needed to enter the modern workforce. Students from a variety of STEM majors collaborate in diverse teams to identify and study innovative solutions to the global problems making headlines such as climate change and ebola in Africa. The program teaches students to understand an individual’s role and responsibilities within an organization, how they contribute to a team, and how their work helps solves global problems making headlines.

“iCons students are among the best and the brightest at the University of Massachusetts Amherst,” said UMass iCons Program Director, Professor Scott Auerbach. “We have designed the program for STEM students to gain a competitive edge when they enter the workplace.  Students develop and refine skill-sets in teamwork, communication, leadership, and interdisciplinary thinking that are employed in companies across the country and around the world.”

This current UMass iCons class, the sixth to participate in the program, will graduate in 2019. This most recent Cohort brings together students from 18 different majors, eight U.S. states, and five countries.

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