Boys Basketball Takes on Millbury

by | Dec 23, 2015

By John Anderson

Millbury is rarely an easy opponent in any sport, and they proved it last Friday when their varsity basketball team defeated Auburn 59-54. Earlier in the evening, however, the Rocket junior varsity team claimed a 42-30 win.

The JV game started very slow. According to one referee, there were 10 shots in the first two minutes between the two teams, and only one ball hit the rim. In fact, it took over five minutes for a team to score, and Auburn was then up 2-0. The lead went back and forth during the first half, but the Rockets had a 14-10 lead when the buzzer sounded.

In the second half, Auburn settled down, took control of the offense, and played a solid defense. In the fourth, a 3 by Jason Henry made it 29-19, and the boys were on to a nice 42-30 victory.

Coach Jeff Kozik said their recent practices have been focusing on defense, and that worked well during this matchup. The offense wasn’t bad either.

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The varsity team built up a 17-13 lead at the end of the first quarter, but they fell behind in the second to end the first half, 30-27. Fouls dogged the Rockets throughout the game with 12 in the first half and 17 in the second.

With 2:52 left in the fourth, Auburn was down 56-48. 3’s by Matt Russell and Nate Ramos closed the gap to 59-54, and that’s where the game would end. Ramos led the Rockets with 21 points while Russell had 10 and Luke Matthews had 8. The team scored 9 3-pointers and shot 7 for 12 at the foul line.

On Tuesday night, Auburn boys varsity basketball dropped a tough overtime game to Southbridge 70-63.

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