Light Up Auburn Contestants Announced

by | Dec 18, 2015

Jeff LaBonte

If you’re like us, “light peeping” is one of the great Christmas traditions. It doesn’t hurt that gas is under $2 a gallon in many places, making this a cheap and easy way to spend an evening.

For the 7th year, Auburn Recreation and Culture has sponsored a ‘Light up Auburn’ contest, encouraging residents and friends and neighbors of residents, to nominate homes for the best displays in Auburn. One of the nice things about touring Auburn to see the nominees is that you see lots more great displays that are not in the contest (and someone should probably nominate them next year!).

Judges are touring town this week determining which homes will take home the “Best Display” titles for 2015. Homes are judged in one of two categories: traditional and ‘through the eyes of a child.’ The categories came about because, in the first years of the contest, judges had difficulty coming to agreement on the winners. As one of those judges, I can share the source of the conflict.


File photo (Jeff LaBonte)

File photo (Jeff LaBonte)


My family would come upon a lovely home with some accent lighting, nice white lights on the shrubs, beautiful natural wreaths, and candles in the windows. “That’s wonderful” my wife and I would exclaim. “Boring” the kids would complain. Then we’d come upon a home where every square inch of yard is covered in inflatable, musical, colorful decorations. “AWESOME” the kids would scream.


File photo (Jeff LaBonte)

File photo (Jeff LaBonte)


Clearly kids and adults often view the world differently!  And the folks who work so hard to decorate their homes for Christmas share their different styles. So, the solution was simple. Create two categories, and let some kids judge, too!

So fire up that GPS and head out this weekend to view some of the great displays our neighbors have put together.

  • 12 Reithel Street
  • 13 Loring Street
  • 5 Lorna Dr.
  • 2 Linda Ave
  • 291 Pakachoag St
  • 57 South St (Candy House)
  • 155 Pakachoag Street
  • 137 Bryn Mawr Ave
  • 5 Thomas Street
  • 10 Coolidge Street
  • 5 Thomas Ave. (Synchronized to Music)
  • 23 Hoover Road (A 20-Minute Animated Show)