AMS Basketball is at Home in New Gym

by | Dec 15, 2015

By John Anderson

On Monday afternoon, both Auburn Middle School basketball teams played in the new gymnasium at the newly opened school. It was the first sporting event to take place in this wonderful facility. While no sporting venue is perfect, this one is pretty close.

More bleachers would be nice, and a little more room outside the court couldn’t hurt, but the improvements over the old middle school are too many to mention. And, the LED lighting is fantastic.

Both teams played Leicester, and both were victorious in big ways. The boys had the first game and were up 28-19 at the half. The Rockets hunted down the Wolverines and bagged them 52-36. It was nice to see some serious height at this level, since it will only mean taller high school players, which have occasionally been in short supply at 47 Auburn St.
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In the girls game, Leicester scored first, but that was the only lead they would enjoy. The Rockets were up 16-4 when the first quarter ended, and it only got worse for the visitors. Auburn won 52-26 when Leicester’s attempts at a run or comeback fell flat.

Calie Messina led the Lady Rockets with 10 points, and Liv Mathews followed with 9. Rachel Ullstrom and Allie Morawski each scored 8, and Mick Sampson tallied 6.


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After watching these games, the Auburn High School coaches can rest assured that they have a great feed for their basketball programs for the next three years.