Morning with ‘Walt Whitman’: An historical performance by Stephen Collins

by | Dec 15, 2015

Stephen Collins as Walt Whitman (Courtesy photo)

Stephen Collins as Walt Whitman (Courtesy photo)

The Auburn Senior Center, with funding from the Auburn Cultural Council, will host Stephen Collins’ historically based performance based on the author, Walt Whitman.  While the performance is technically titled “Unlaunch’d Voices, an Evening With Walt Whitman”, it will actually be a “morning” with Whitman, since the performance is on Friday, Dec 18th at 10:30am at the Auburn Senior Center

“Unlaunch’d Voices, an Evening With Walt Whitman”, opens with the elderly Whitman on the evening of his seventieth birthday. The audience is a visitor in his room as he prepares for his birthday celebration. Whitman begins to reminisce and to question his success as a man and a poet. He tells us his work has proved to be “less than a failure….” He remembers a mystical experience he had in his thirty-seventh year that inspired him to write poetry.

Performer Stephen Collins has been performing and teaching Whitman, Hardy, Shakespeare, and Frost throughout the country. This program is funded by the Auburn Cultural Council, a local agency supported by the MA Cultural Council.

The performance is free, but registration is requested. Please call to sign up, 508-832-7799.