Sen. Moore Supports Review of State Police Barracks Closure

by | Dec 8, 2015

BOSTON – Senator Michael O. Moore (D-Millbury) announced that the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security advanced legislation that would halt, at least temporarily, the slated closure of the C-3 State Police barracks in Brookfield. Senator Moore, who serves as Senate Vice Chair of the Joint Committee, offered his support for the bill during the Committee review process.

The legislation was originally filed by Senator Anne M. Gobi (D-Spencer) last month in response to recent news that the Administration was strongly considering closure of the C-3 barracks. The legislation would require a study on the public safety and financial impacts of closing the barracks. Local police departments have expressed concerns over shutting down the State Police facility.

“With an increasing national focus on public safety and security, removing any law enforcement asset without having a strong understanding of its impact on safety in the region is misguided,” said Sen. Moore, who served 22 years in law enforcement prior to running for the state senate. “The potential financial savings of closing the barracks may not outweigh the potential safety and logistical impacts on local communities. To avoid unforeseen consequences, it’s important to have answers to these questions before any type of closure is pursued.”

Built in 1930, the C-3 State Police barracks is situated midway between Worcester and Springfield and oversees patrols in eleven communities including Barre, New Braintree, Spencer, Brookfield, North Brookfield, Warren, East Brookfield, Oakham, West Brookfield, Leicester and Paxton.

To continue tracking the status of the legislation (S2060) please visit the Legislature’s website, or contact Senator Moore’s Office.