Arrr You Ready to Read?

by | Nov 3, 2015

By John Anderson

When students arrived at Swanson Road Intermediate School on Monday morning, they were met by some odd sights. A giant pirate flag was on one wall of the lobby, and a giant pirate’s hook was on the other. “ARRR” was on both walls. Furthermore, all faculty members were dressed as pirates.

No, this was not an extension of Halloween. It was, in fact, an innovative way to introduce Literacy Month and some challenges for the students. The students were gathered in the auditorium by grade, and a brief skit and explanation were presented to the young “bookaneers.”

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The contest was put together by the Swanson Road Reading Team: Reading Specialists Diane Saad (aka Bowman Bones Chumbucket) and Ali Shankle (aka Captain Jim Chumbucket) and Reading IA’s Sandra Roy (aka Mad Patch Bead) and Rhonda Murray (aka Miss Patch Holystone).

Bookaneers will be given treasure maps and must read four books to complete the course. Once done, the maps must be turned into the Reading Room Privateers. Students can do more than one map for extra chances to win prizes at the conclusion of the contest.

There will also be a photo contest for faculty members in their pirate outfits.

The school will host a Family Literacy Night on November 19th to celebrate the importance of reading. More to come on that as the date approaches.