Historical Museum Seeks Donations for Upgrades

by | Nov 3, 2015

The Auburn Historical Society is asking the public’s help to raise money to upgrade the cabinets at the Auburn Historical Museum.

The display cabinets were built by Bay Path Vocational Technical School over ten years ago. Sadly, the lighting is inadequate. It is difficult to see the items in the back of the cabinets. Bay Path representatives visited the museum to talk about redoing the cabinet lighting.  At that time, Historical Society President, Sari Bitticks, raised an idea.

“We were talking and I remarked that if we could do it again, we would raise the cabinets a foot higher and have storage drawers under them. Bay Path said they could do that in addition to the lighting improvement” said Bitticks.


The museum would like to upgrade the lighting and raise the   height of the display cabinets. (File photo)

The museum would like to upgrade the lighting and raise the height of the display cabinets. (File photo)


The project has been on the Bay Path waiting list for a year, and the project will begin  soon. The program teacher provided a verbal estimate of $1,700 for materials to upgrade the lighting and raise the cabinets a foot. There is no charge for the labor. Local students at Bay Path will be working on the project, gaining valuable experience in working on a National Register of Historic Places building.

The museum is hoping to obtain financial support from members of our community. The Auburn Historical Museum is the only small museum in Central Massachusetts that is open twice a week year round. Attendance has been growing, this year, and they are about to launch some new projects and exhibits. The Donald R. Holstrom Photographic Archives should be going online early in 2016, and they are hoping to do an exhibit honoring our Police and Fire Departments once the cabinet work is completed.

The improved cabinets and lighting will greatly enhance the museum’s ability to serve Auburn. The museum does not receive any financial support from the town and is dependent on fund-raisers, donations and grants.

Webster First Credit Union and Savers Bank have already pledged $250 each toward the project. In order to raise the remaining $700, they are asking individuals and businesses if they will contribute in any amount.  Donations can be sent to:

Auburn Historical Society
41 South St.
Auburn, MA 01501

The museum is open every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30am to 12:30pm.  Admission is free, and donations are graciously accepted.