Town Race Tradition Continues at Swanson Intermediate

by | Oct 29, 2015

Historically, the fastest runners from Julia Bancroft School and Pakachoag School would all face off at Auburn High during Town Race. With the consolidation of grades 3-5 at Swanson Intermediate School, the format changed a bit, but there was no change in the atmosphere.

The runners and the spectators were excited, and the weather could not have been more perfect for the event.  The top runners from Swanson – 24 boys and 24 girls – went through some stretching, some instruction, and then headed over to the AHS baseball diamond, where the starting line had been set. Runners followed the outfield fence, onto the track, and completed one lap, about 1/2 mile.

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The boys’ heat kicked of first, and it was a very close run. Fifth grader Bryan Cavanaugh edged fellow fifth grader Jack Beauregard and fourth grader Ryan Sullivan to take first place.

In the girls’ heat, fourth grader Avery Carbonneau and fourth grader Julia Matthews hung with fifth grader Hanorah Murphy.  But once they got to the track, Murphy stretched it out and won comfortably. Carbonneau and Matthews finished second and third, respectively.

In all, the event was a tremendous display of athleticism by Auburn third, fourth and fifth graders. Even for the runners who did not place in the top slots, they can be proud that they are among the fastest students in  town and qualified for Town Race.

Complete results:


  1. Bryan Cavanaugh
  2. Jack Beauregard
  3. Ryan Sullivan
  4. Joe Barnes
  5. Cameron McNally
  6. Jeremiah Murphy
  7. Keating Oliver
  8. Aiden McGrail
  9. Thomas Lutz
  10. Nick Barnes
  11. Nathan LaBoeuf
  12. Jacksen Bolduc
  13. Brayden Martin
  14. Matthew Hubbell
  15. Derek Petraitis
  16. Ted Spanos
  17. Alec Borelli
  18. Ryan Hunter
  19. James Hillis
  20. Kyle McLaughlin
  21. Finn O’Donnell
  22. Cameron McLaughlin
  23. Hayden Plumb

Logan Bostock qualified, but did not run on Tuesday.


  1. Hanorah Murphy
  2. Avery Carbonneau
  3. Julia Matthews
  4. Lily Ann C’Miel
  5. Annabella Mancini
  6. Morganne Lucier
  7. Chloe Diguette
  8. Leah Wentworth
  9. Maggie Slomski
  10. Molly Hilditch
  11. Isabella Doyle
  12. Alexis Nordman
  13. Arianna Gonzalez
  14. Katairi Allen
  15. Madison Millette
  16. Giuliana Fortunato
  17. Jenna Whitsitt
  18. Zoey Sandberg
  19. Brooklyn Rosario
  20. Skyla Augusto
  21. Sydney Mercadante
  22. Bella Surmis
  23. Lia McDonald
  24. Mackenzie Mackin