‘Nomadic’ musician comes home to host album release event

by | Oct 28, 2015

Musician Natavi is better known in these parts as Greg Kozicz, 2004 graduate of Auburn High School.  Now 29, Kozicz graduated from NYU and lived in New York City for about 7 years before adopting what he describes as a “nomadic lifestyle.” He spent the last four years on the road, travelling across the United States in his ‘Tribe of Dreams’ van.

Kozicz wrote music, performed, immersed himself in different cultures and communities.  This fall, he released his first album, ‘First Day’, a collection of original, eclectic, music reflecting the past four years of his journey. He describes his style as ‘cosmic folk.’  You can listen and purchase the album through Kozicz’s web site, www.tribeofdreams.com .

nataviThis Saturday, Natavi and his Tribe of Dreams are holding an album release party at Electric Haze, 26 Millbury St. in Worcester.

“The name Natavi just came to me” said Kozicz. “Literally, the word just kept coming to me. I had no idea what is meant.  When I finally decided to look into it, the closest root I could find meant ‘I flow like water’, and that was when I adopted Natavi as a name.”

Kozicz says much of his music also just comes to him, almost like in a dream. The music has become his tool to try to address what he perceives as the ills of society.

“Over the years, I realized that the better way to reach the world is through understanding myself. Everyone has gifts and how do we use those gifts to be of service? For me, that’s my music.”

While Kozicz has some regular musicians he performs with, the ‘Tribe of Dreams’ is everyone he meets.

“I perform solo sometimes” said Kozicz. “But it’s so much better to co-create with others. I have my core group, but it changes over time.”

Interestingly, Kozicz’s album release party is also another new beginning, as he will be heading back to New York City after four years away.

“I lived in New York City for 7 and a half years, and I thought I’d never leave.  Then I left and I thought ‘I’ll never go back to live in New York, and now I’m heading back to New York. It’s just how the journey goes.

The release party at Electric Haze will also feature a couple opening acts.  Tim Scott, another Auburn native, will perform an opening set and will also join Natavi for the main act. ‘All Boy/All Girl’, another act out of NYC, will also play an opening set.

Joining Natavi, in addition to Tim Scott, will be Anna Strong and another Auburn native, Catie Vickers.

Doors open at 8pm on Saturday night, and tickets are $10, available at the door.  Music will kick off around 8:30pm, with Natavi and Tribe of Dreams taking the stage about 10:30pm.

Visit the Tribe of Dreams website at www.tribeofdreams.com for more information, or to listen to his music and purchase ‘First Day.’