Indians Elude Rockets’ Soccer

by | Oct 21, 2015

By John Anderson

On Monday evening, the Auburn boys were on the road at Grafton for their second match with the Indians. They opened against Grafton and lost a well-played game, 3-1. After a steadily improving season, the Rockets had high hopes but ended up falling, 4-0. Grafton is first in SWCL East with a 12-1 record.

When the girls were on the road for their opener, they lost to Grafton, 1-0, which was a shocker to the team, coaches and fans. The girls were pumped up for their second meeting, and they even rescheduled senior night to up the anticipation. Unfortunately, no balls found the back of the net for either team, and it ended tied, 0-0. The Rockets have a decent 8-3-2 record but they are behind both Grafton and Millbury as the season winds down.

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Girls field hockey, on the other hand, earned their 14th win by beating the Indians in Grafton, 3-1. Kileigh Hynes, Jackie Clark, and Shannon Hynes each shot a goal while Kileigh Hynes and Jess Clifford earned assists. No team in Central Massachusetts is even close to the Rocket record, and we all should be hopeful for another run to the state final. There are, however, a lot more wins that have to occur before Auburn visits the field at WPI again.