Klepto 5K is a Major Success

by | Oct 20, 2015

By John Anderson

In its fifth year, the Klepto 5K is looking more and more like a corporate level event with great sponsors, participants, and volunteers. The Major David Brodeur Memorial Foundation puts on the race, and Auburn students benefit through grants and scholarships. 364 people pinned on bibs to run, walk, or even push.

The year’s race was done in three groups with six-year-old Maddie Wilson of Spencer starting it all off. Maddie has Spina Bifida and uses a racing wheel chair to propel along the course. She was accompanied by her father and two Auburn runners who guided her through the unfamiliar route.

Those in the second group of starters were members of Team Hoyt, a familiar sight from many Boston Marathons. A chance gym meeting between a Team Hoyt runner and foundation member Jason Kusy led to their participation, and they were great to watch. Team founder Dick Hoyt is a navy veteran, so taking part in the Klepto 5K just seemed right.

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The overall winner was 15-year-old Joseph Walsh at 17:03 followed by 22yo Brain Quitadamo at 17:43. The top woman was 17yo Stephanie Bolduc at 23:35 and then 10yo Hanorah Murphy at 23:55. RaceWire, the firm that timed the race, eliminates these runners from the gender and age specific classes, but all four obviously bested the rest in their respective age groups.

Other leaders were age 1-12: Female, 11yo Lilly Gaskill (27:44) and Male, 12yo Eric Paine (22:54); age 13-19: F, 17yo Alanna Dolan (25:20) and M, 14yo Marcus LaPointe (19:15); age 20-29: F, 27yo Courtney McKernan (28:18) and M, 22yo Brendan Aylward (20:15).

Age 30-39: M, 37yo Jeff Benoit (18:27) and F, 31yo Melissa Deorsey (24:07); age 40-49: M, 40yo Steven Nelson (19:44) and F, 46yo Danette Prosser (26:19); age 50-59: M, 54yo Thomas Sassi (21:04) and F, 51yo Kelli Wright (30:13); and age 60-99: M, 60yo Robert Lucas (26:03) and F, 62yo Joan Labbe (34:02).

Even with the chilly air and a few snowflakes, the 2015 Klepto 5K was a great event. Thanks to all the runners, sponsors, and volunteers!