Coyote creates some commotion

by | Sep 23, 2015

FILE PHOTO (This is not the actual coyote being sought in Auburn).

FILE PHOTO (This is not the actual coyote being sought in Auburn).

A coyote believed to be injured and possibly ill has been spotted in the Bryn Mawr/Swanson Rd. area over the past two days or so.  On Tuesday, the animal was sighted close enough to the Bryn Mawr School to lead to the cancellation of outdoor activities and a heavy police presence.

According to Auburn Police, the animal appears to have a wound on its side, and may be ill, perhaps rabid. School officials kept children indoors, and the Middle School cross-country meet was postponed.  There was a significant police presence in the are as schools let out around 3pm.  These steps were taken “out of an abundance of caution” according to police, and the animal is not believed to have threatened anyone or acted aggressively up to this point.

State environmental officials were also called in to assist in locating the coyote.

As of Tuesday evening, the coyote had not been found, and no additional sightings were reported. Auburn Police announced this evening via Twitter that they will again have officers stationed around Bryn Mawr and Swanson Rd. Intermediate schools during the morning drop off.

Anyone spotting the coyote is asked to stay well clear of the animal, and to call Auburn Police at (508) 832-7777.