Football Opener Slide Show

by | Sep 15, 2015

By John Anderson

Although Auburn lost the season opener last Friday, 20-14 in overtime to Doherty, the Rockets played an excellent game. As a statement of fact and not excuse, Doherty plays in Division 4 while Auburn is Division 5. They have nearly as many boys as Auburn has in the entire high school, and Doherty won the state championship two years ago.

That being said, Doherty had a bit more strength at the end for the overtime touchdown. Few could have predicted Auburn’s dominance in the first half when they led 8-0 after a TJ Medlin touchdown and a Steve Saucier conversion. The lead grew to 14-0 in the third when Saucier ran in for another 6 points, and this game really looked like an Auburn Win.

The Highlanders had other ideas, however, when they scored 7 points in the third and another 7 in the fourth. Doherty’s ability to run in for a touchdown in overtime made all the difference, and so it goes.

The Rockets need to keep their chins up and face the rest of the season with the same veracity. They should be fine. Have a look at a few images from last week.

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