Renovations at Quick Pace on Swanson Rd.

by | Aug 7, 2015

By John Anderson

With nearly five weeks to go until the school year begins, work at 10 Swanson Rd. is progressing nicely. The Swanson Road Intermediate School will be ready for the grade 3-5 students when the first bell rings on September 8th, the day after Labor Day.

Three weeks ago, I did a tour of the school with Superintendent Maryellen Brunelle, and it was a pretty crude construction site. Most of the lockers had been removed; the roof replacement had just begun; a new underground grease trap had just been completed outside the kitchen; the former cafeteria, kitchen, and wood shop had been completely gutted; and there were trenches in the concrete floors in the food service area.

I waited three weeks to see what improvements had occurred, and I was not disappointed. In addition to the many contracted workers on site, many of the district’s custodians have been spending a good part of their summer at 10 Swanson Rd. refinishing doors, painting classrooms and actively participating in the renovations.

Yesterday, the roof is about 60% complete, and the old boiler is ready for removal. Much of the bold blue trim paint has been re-coated with a pleasant beige. The classrooms are nearly ready to occupy except for the boxed items and supplies for each teacher, the rough electrical work is complete, and most of the new walls are nearly finished.

This project is under the direction of Facilities Director Joe Fahey who really shows his expertise on a major project like this. Some preliminary work even began last year when all the classroom ceilings got a fresh coat of paint by the custodial staff.

The following is a description of the images in today’s slideshow. You may want to progress one image at a time and keep this article up on your screen.


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Photo 1: The lockers in all the hallways had been removed 3 weeks ago.

Photo 2: Carpeting and age appropriate coat hooks replaced the lockers. The bottom carpeting still needs to be installed.

Photo 3: A typical classroom with furniture in place. Note the yellow accent wall.

Photo 4: Each piece of furniture was labeled at Julia Bancroft or Pakachoag School so it could be properly relocated.

Photo 5: Standing in what was the AMS nurse’s area, the redesigned office area is visible.

Photo 6: Yesterday, the walls and electrical work are complete in the office area.

Photo 7: A plumbing trench runs through the floor of the old kitchen and wood shop.

Photo 8: The floor is nearly finished in the kitchen. Note the new ventilation hood in the area. A new walk-in refrigerator and freezer is on the far wall.

Photo 9: The cafeteria area holds a lot of materials until they can be installed. New restrooms are framed against the far wall.

Photo 10: The new restrooms are nearly ready for use.

Photo 11: Workers are visible in the office area through the security window at the front entrance that was expanded last year.

Photo 12: Workers unload insulation board on the roof above the gymnasiums.

Photo 13: A new age-appropriate playground was installed behind the school and outside the soccer field.

There will be an open house at the Swanson Road Intermediate School in the future, and Auburn Mass Daily will publish the day and time.