Animal control issues notice about coyote activity

by | Aug 7, 2015



In the past several weeks we have had an increase in coyote activity levels throughout Auburn, including a band of 5 coyotes last seen in the area of 200 West Street. Please be aware that coyote habitat is not restricted to wooded areas; they are extremely adaptive and opportunistic animals that are making urban areas their home as well. While these coyotes have not been a threat to residents, they are a danger to your pets. We ask that you considering the following tips to help keep coyotes at bay:

1) Always supervise your pets while they are outside and if possible, keep cats indoors;
2) Keep trash and compost in secure containers and do not place containers outside until your assigned trash pickup day;
3) Keep grilling areas clean, so please clean up any food that may have fallen on the ground and remember to clean grease traps;
4) When possible, remove outdoor bird feeders or at the very least, clean up any spilt seed from feeders. An abundance of birds will attract predators, including coyotes.

Above all, never encourage coyotes to return to your property by purposely feeding them and never attempt to approach one. If you have any questions, please contact Animal Control at (508)832-7703 or