Musicians bring sizzle to band camp

by | Jul 31, 2015

By John Anderson

Slathered in sun block, drenched in sweat and drinking water regularly, members of the Auburn High School Marching Band and Color Guard will complete Band Camp 2015 this afternoon. When Band Director Virginia Bailey started the band camp in 2013, it ran three days. In 2014, it increased to four days, and now it runs a full five.

All that time is needed to break in new members, learn the music and practice the complicated marching on the field. The success of last fall’s western themed half time show is pushing the group to accomplish more, and things are on target for this year’s theme, Espionage.

The show will open with the theme song from The Incredibles, which is a very difficult piece of music. There will also be a rousing percussion number called BBC Sherlock that was arranged by Thomas Wilson from Shepherd Hill Regional High School. The other songs will be familiar to viewers of classic spy movies, but they’ll be a secret for now.

About 50 students were present on Thursday including 10 “pre-freshmen” who are allowed to participate in the band and growing color guard. These grade 8 students were selected on their musical skills and physical ability to perform in a very active marching band.

As the students practiced their show, each wore a spiral bound book of note cards hanging from a string around their neck. Inside were their notes and the sequence of movements that each member is to follow, and there are a lot of movements in this very fluid show.

Junior Serena Kelly has climbed the ladder to direct the band as its Drum Major and she is fitting in nicely. Replacing Tayla Foulkrod is not an easy task, but Kelly is able and confident.

Along with Bailey, Collin Myers from the middle school and Robert Lesley from the elementary schools have been helping out during the camp while Krissie Forgues continues to direct the color guard. Many other volunteers have also contributed to this year’s success.

In the slide show, you will see Donna from Coco’s Tropical Ice supplying some refreshments to the camp participants. This was a very nice treat from the parents on a very miserable day.

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