Army Band Brings Acts to Pappas

by | Jul 15, 2015

The 215th Army Band of the Massachusetts National Guard brought its unique and delightful performance last Thursday at the Pappas Recreation Complex.  The band is composed of several smaller groups, three of which performed at Pappas.

The evening started with the Revolution fife and Drums which performed several well-known, traditional revolutionary era tunes.  Minuteman Brass followed up with an upbeat, lively New Orleans jazz-style.  The ensemble got the crowd up and dancing, and warmed up for Official Party, the 215th’s pop and rock group.

After playing through a number of classics from the 80s and a few contemporary hits, the Minuteman Brass came out to join Classic Party, and finished the concert with a sound that filled the complex.

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This week’s performance features a return of Elvis impersonator, Robert Black. The performance begins at 6pm on Thursday evening at the Pappas Recreation Complex.