AHS Graduates 157 in Class of 2015

by | Jun 1, 2015

By John Anderson

On Friday night, members of the 80th graduating class from Auburn High School walked across the stage and received their diplomas. After 13 years of education and guidance from the Auburn Public Schools, these young people crossed a major threshold into adulthood.

Many will pursue higher education in one form another, some will go to work, and six will enter the active military. No matter the journey, the educational basics and more have been instilled in their young minds, and their futures look brighter because of it.

In another of his inspiring graduation speeches, Principal Casey Handfield told the seniors, “Do not allow yourself to fall prey to the corrupt, the degenerate and the mean-spirited. Unfortunately, they exist. Put them in a little box and put them over here…out of sight.”

Handfield added, “Have the courage to follow your dreams. Wherever you desire to go after tonight, get there, at a pace that is comfortable for you. Whatever you do, do it well. There is a place in this world for each one of you and the talents you possess.”

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After the diploma presentation, new graduate Thomas Gannon shared some thoughts with his classmates, “Our families, teachers, coaches and friends have helped to set each and every one of us up for success, so even if you did not enjoy your time here, I have good news for you: Starting today, you are free to make a life that you do enjoy.”

“Every single one of us should be thankful this is our school because even a bad day to Auburn High is a great day just about anywhere else.”

When Valedictorian Emily Fokas spoke to her classmates, she said, “…I find great solace in the foundation we have already laid for ourselves both academically and socially. Whether next year brings you to Worcester, Massachusetts or Washington, DC, we are all connected by our roots here at Auburn High.”

Finally, Class President Rachel Stelmach told her peers, “We’ve shared more laughs than tears, and although that might change tonight as it all comes to an end, we can depart knowing we’re all happy to have made it through together.”

She concluded, “Take advantage of your new beginning, allow your ambition to grow, and build expectations of your own to live up to. I wish you the best of luck and success. Congratulations! WE did it.”

Auburn Mass Daily extends our own congratulations to the graduates. The world is a better place because of you.

Amir Aram Adelinia
Brianna Morgan Allain* (HH)
Micaela K. Almeida* (HH)
Samantha Lynn Anderson* (HH)
Sydney Lynn Anger
Jibreel Umar Arrastia
Richard Wilfred Augusto III
Bryanna Susan Bailey (H)
Victor Michael Balkus
Kaitlyn Mae Banks
Samantha Paige Benoit* (HH)
Gina Elizabeth Benvenuti
Philip Joseph Benvenuti (H)
Rebecca Lynn Bernard
James Scott Bishop Jr.
Salina Marie Black
Peter Anthony Bonaventura
William L. Bowes
Christopher John Brodeur* (HH)
Dalton Edward Brooks
Shaleigh Christina Brooks
Danielle Ashley Brunelle
Dillon James Bruso (H)
Erin Riley Burke* (HH)
Quinn Kohle Bushe
Evan Scott William Bylund (H)
Amanda Elizabeth Bylund* (H)
Julie Anne Carpino
John Archie Champagne* (HH)
Aaron Tyler Chapman
Kaitlyn Amanda Chestna* (H)
David Domenic Chubka
Michael Richard Cloutier
Kaitlin Mary Cole* (HH)
John Alliase Couture
Stacy Grace Cove
Evan Quintin Cristy
Kyle L. Cross
Hannah Nicole Croteau
Cathryn Anne Cutia* (HH)
Bridgette Annabel D’Arcangelo* (HH)
Marissa Nicole Diaz
Samantha Margaret Dinsdale* (HH)
Hannah Marie Ducharme* (H)
Dominic Anthony Elia
Kyle Steven Faneuff* (H)
Elizabeth Mae Fazio* (H)
Shannon Elizabeth Fellows
Lauren Maria Ferris* (HH)
Emily Elaine Fokas* (HH)
Tayla Elaine Foulkrod* (H)
Alexander George Fuller (H)
Joshua Richard Furmanick
Anthony Gabriella
Colin Brian Gallaway* (HH)
Thomas Francis Gannon (HH)
Nicholas Edward Gilfoy
Adam James Gillies
Thomas George Gleason* (HH)
Zachary Alec Gordon
Troy James Greenwood
Kellie Morgan Guittarr* (HH)
Casey Meggin Gurlitz* (HH)
Desiray Kay Hayes
Matthew Thomas Healey* (HH)
Danielle Marie Hearnlaye* (H)
Mackenzie O’Leary Hehir
Savannah Tuyetvy Ho* (H)
Lilit Hovanesian
David E. Howarth
Carolyn Mary Jeffries* (HH)
Dominique Ann Jose (H)
Katherine Marie Keaney
Sean Patrick Kennedy
Alexa Marie Kennedy (H)
Abraham Youssef Khafaja (H)
Taylor Dawn LaBelle
Kyle Joseph Lacey (H)
Nicole Marie Lacroix (H)
John Christopher Landry
Morgan Rose LaPlante
Jordan Elizabeth Lavallee* (HH)
Michael John Lewis
Edward David Lindem* (HH)
Evan Spencer Lockwood
Patrick John Lovely* (HH)
Annie-Elizabeth Lyford
Sara Beth Lyons* (HH)
Megan Emma MacQuarrie (HH)
Michael Anthony Maio (HH)
Ali Marie Mallonee`
Andrew Ray Maruca
George Nicoll Matthew* (HH)
Zachary Michael Mauro
Daniel Bruce Mayo Jr.
Dana Leigh McMahon
Alyssa Renee McMenemy
Amber Lynn McMenemy
Alyssa Medlin
Noel Anthony Melendez
Armen A. Merzoian
Kyle Edward Montville
Alex Timothy Morrow
Ryan J. Mulcahy
Kyle Matthew Naoum
Anthony Michael Olacio
Kathleen O’Neill Palace
Nicole Rose Palmer* (HH)
Lauren Elizabeth Papandrea* (HH)
Dominic David Pappas
Emily Lena Parish (HH)
Hannah Hale Patterson
Jessica Anne Petro* (HH)
Kristin Mackenzie Pike (HH)
Jessica Louise Pittman (H)
Joseph Paul Robert Poirier
Stephen Harris Racine
Skyler Marie Reynolds
Victoria Lee Richard* (H)
Emily Lynn Richardson
Zaria A. Richardson
Lauren Kimberly Riley
Emelyn Cristina Rivera
Melanie K. Roach
David Francis Roy
Ava Louise Sargent (HH)
Michael David Sarno
Olivia Jayne Shearns*
Taylor Anne Smith* (HH)
Vanessa Ann Spring
Matthew John Stelmach
Rachel Elizabeth Stelmach (HH)
Amy Noelle Stevenson
Olivia Frances Stoico
Alexander Peter Edward Strafer
Cameron John Tarini
Gabrielle Maria Terlizzi
Nicolas John Thomas
Kiana Torres
John Michael Tucker
Justina Renee Urbanowski
Hayleigh Louise Vail (H)
Nicole Marie Vaudreuil
Rheina Victoria Viruet
Courtney Kelsey Vrusho
Robert John Walsh Jr.
Alisa Edna Waple
Adam Christopher Whitney
Yvonne Sarah Willette
Scott Michael Williams
Jennavieve Meghan Woeller* (HH)
Michael Paul Worster
Mark Anthony Wright Jr.
Ian Joseph Wykes
Carly Virginia Zona

* denotes National Honor Society
HH denotes high honors
H denotes honors