Alice Rea – Candidate for Auburn Housing Authority

by | May 18, 2015

Alice Rea is a candidate for re-election to the Auburn Housing Authority.  Mrs. Rea has served two 5 year terms; this would be her third. She lives in Pakachoag Village and has been an Auburn resident “as long as I can remember.”

Why are you running for the Housing Authority?

I realize what an important entity this is to so many.  Seniors and the disabled need a decent place to live.  Often they can’t stay where they were due to the loss of a mate, or a medical problem, it could be a lot of reasons.  These individuals end up living on a very fixed income and they need a decent place to stay.

What will you bring to the Board?

I have lived in Auburn almost all of my life.  I was involved in both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. My knowledge of the town goes way back.  I can see how the needs have changed here in Auburn over all these years.

What do you perceive to be the major challenges facing the Auburn Housing Authority?

The fact that people from so many towns go around to all the towns filling out applications for housing authority assistance.  We carefully check people out, making sure that veterans and Auburn residents get first preference for housing in Auburn.

What would you like the voters of Auburn to know about you?

This is my hometown. I talk to people and listen to try to learn how other elected [officials] are taking are of our town.  I want to vote for people who are taking care of our town, and not for their own special interests. Auburn has gone from a small farming community to a large complex, and I have seen that growth, living here almost all my life.