Doreen Goodrich: Candidate for Selectman

by | May 13, 2015

Doreen Goodrich: Candidate for Selectman

What do you feel qualifies you to be an Auburn Selectman?

I have served the residents of Auburn as selectman for the past six years, three of which I have served as the chair. During my tenure I have also served as a member of the Worcester County Selectmen’s Association and currently serve as the associations elected President. I have gained invaluable experience working with the current town manager and her administration. Over the past six years I have also helped review and update the Board of Selectmen’s policies and procedures.

What would you improve in local government?

The town has made many positive changes during my tenure, however there is always room for improvement. For example we recently undertook a comprehensive review of the administrative by laws that were approved by town meeting in April. A review of the zoning bylaws and a new master plan are goals that were set by the town manager and approved by the Board of Selectmen. Like the administrative bylaws, the zoning bylaws haven’t been reviewed in many years and need updating.

What do you feel are the top two issues facing the Board of Selectmen?

One area that I think is critical to the town’s well being would be increased resident participation on boards and commissions. The issue of 61A land needs to be addressed. We have several pieces of property currently designated as 61A land. If there is a purchase and sales agreement executed on any of these properties, the BOS must take a vote whether to exercise a right of first refusal on behalf of the town.

There needs to be a long term plan in place as to the potential use by the town and we must determine if the potential purchase is reasonable. Tied into that, the second issue would be addressing all town-owned land and its potential uses.

What will you personally bring to the Board?

I bring professionalism, a clear understanding of Roberts Rules of Order, and an intimate knowledge of the Board’s policies and procedures. I understand and respect the Board’s role in the decision-making processes of the town.  I know and use Roberts Rules of Order when conducting a meeting. During my tenure the Board has implemented office hours to give residents the opportunity to be heard.  I bring a willingness to listen and consider everyone’s opinion in my decision making process.

Do you have any suggestions to keep Auburn on its solid financial track?

The key component in keeping the town financially stable is to continue to support the current financial policies adopted by the BOS and finance committee. It is important to periodically review the financial policies and update when necessary. In my opinion we have the best CFO in Ed Kazanovicz and Town Manager in Julie Jacobson, we must continue to take actions that support their long-term financial goals.

Candidate message to Auburn voters

I am accessible. Residents reach out to me and say they’re happy with the town manager and the direction the town is going in. Whether it’s a tree on the edge of someone’s property or an issue with obtaining the proper license or permits, people have approached me for guidance. Once they know who to talk to, they’ve always come back to me to follow up and let me know how accessible the town has been.