Candidate Profile – Debra Gremo: Candidate for Town Clerk

by | May 12, 2015

Debra Gremo – Town Clerk Candidate

Deb Gremo - Photo

Background and Experience

New England Municipal Clerks Institute–3 yr program (graduation 2015)
Massachusetts Town Clerks Courses/Conferences
Bachelor Degree – Business Administration, Becker College

Massachusetts Town Clerks Association
New England Clerks Association of City and Town Clerks
International Institute of Municipal Clerks

Auburn Positions
Assistant Town Clerk
Assistant Burial Agent
Assistant Registrar
Deputy Warden
Town Meeting Member

Other Qualifications
Notary Public
Justice of the Peace

Why are you running for Town Clerk?

I am running for town clerk because Ellen Gaboury will be retiring as Town Clerk and Auburn deserves a new town clerk that has the knowledge, experience, training and qualifications for the position. I have all of them.

What do you feel qualifies you to serve as Town Clerk?

I have the education and experience in the town clerk’s office to assure a smooth transition from day one.  In addition to my experience doing the tasks required of the Town Clerk, all the knowledge I have received from retiring clerk Ellen Gaboury over the past 3 years has prepared me to advance into the clerk’s position.

Do you have any plans to change anything within the office of the Town Clerk?

Yes, I plan on making myself available by being in early at least one day a week for those residents who cannot make it here during the day or the late Monday night hours. I would like to expand our involvement with the senior tax work off program, and I have already spoken with the senior center director Mignonne Murray and plan on working closely with both her and the Auburn Housing Authority to schedule recurring office hours at the senior center and our senior housing developments.

Residents should also know that we currently go out to the homes of shut-ins if they need a service like a Notary. This doesn’t happen often, but we do our best to meet people’s needs.

In addition, I plan on making most of our forms available at other locations in town. For example, voter registration and absentee ballot applications should be available at certain town buildings like the library and senior center. Voter registration forms are already available at Auburn High School.

Candidate message to Auburn voters

I want the people of Auburn to know that the moment I was chosen to be the Assistant Town Clerk (out of 135 qualified applicants), I knew I had finally found the career I wanted. I was quoted then saying, “I love this job” and I feel the same today and look forward to taking it to the next level and serving as your next Town Clerk.

Since being hired, I have dedicated myself to acquiring the knowledge to do this job through classes, workshops, and professional affiliations.  This summer, I will become a certified municipal clerk. All of this has been to serve Auburn to the best of my ability.