Candidate Profile – Nicholas Hammond: Candidate for Town Clerk

by | May 12, 2015

Nicholas Hammond – Town Clerk Candidate


Background and Experience

I am a lifelong Auburn resident.  Went to Auburn High, Bryn Mawr, Julia Bancroft, Auburn Middle. My family has been here for generations, running the former Auburn Bike Shop on Oxford St. I have three children all in Auburn Schools.


Bachelor’s degree from Becker College, Magna Cum Laude, in business management with a concentration in administration.


Partner in wealth management firm in Auburn, managing over $55 million in assets.  Also partner in tax planning and services business, also in Auburn.

Memberships and qualifications

Series 6, 7, 24, 63 and 66 licenses.  Fellow Life Management Institute (FMLI) designation, Associate, Annuity Products and Administration (AAPA) designation, PCS and ACS designation for compliance training.

Former Auburn Selectman.

Why are you running for Town Clerk?

I believe the office can be so much more.  My opponent does a good job at processing.  I believe experience in budgeting, innovation and customer service are important.  The Town Clerk should be a leadership position, not a processing position.  My ideas are to bring to-notch white glove “Ritz-style” customer service to the office.

I would also like to modernize the office.  I have several ideas already in place to do just that.

I am not doing this for the money.  I have a successful business.  I just believe the office can be so much more.  I love this town, and the position should be about leadership, not processing.

What do you feel qualifies you to serve as Town Clerk?

I have expertise in document processing, paperless office and document storage from running a financial services business. Compliance is a huge issue in financial services, so our processes need to be perfect.

I have extensive management experience.  I started working at Gauthier’s when I was 16.  I worked in management at UPS, overseeing a staff of people.  I’ve had some hard failures, sure.  But I learn from them.

I am a former Auburn Selectman, and served during the recession in 2009-2010, when our choices were between bad and worse. But we closed a $2.2 million budget deficit with the help of the town labor unions, and no one was laid off.  We’re in a better financial position now than we were then.  I can’t take all the credit, but I did a lot of work with labor and worked closely with Wayne Page to get that done.

I am the only person in this race who understands municipal budgets.  I had to go through it, dissect it and take tough positions.  The other candidate running is not even the most senior person in the clerk’s office.  Leadership is not paper pushing.  I bring leadership, and I am the only one [in the race] with that type of experience.

Do you have any plans to change anything within the office of the Town Clerk?

First I’d say the Town Clerk’s office meets the standards.  I don’t have any immediate plan to change the day to day processing; they do what they do, and they do it well.

I know it’s cliche, but in my “first 100 days” in office, I would get with the staff and bring them into the process I have planned. I want to hear their concerns and get their ideas. I will focus on two initiatives immediately.

My first initiative is a “mobile town clerk.” Now we are limited to Town Hall.  I want to bring it everywhere. Bring the office to clients. Some people can’t get to Town Hall.  Once a month at a minimum I would designate a time to go to senior housing, the Senior Center, and do anything that can now be done at Town Hall.  I want to take it beyond daily processing.  Long term, I’d like to see this expand to people’s homes for the disabled and home-bound.

Second I would introduce summer work internship program for Auburn High students.  One, it’s hard for kids to find jobs. That will work with their schedules.  I would request the Finance Committee transfer $5,000 from my own salary to a separate line item that would fund this program.

This would give students experience with municipal government, provide jobs that work with students’ school and sports schedules.  This helps keep tax dollars in town creating jobs for students.

Auburn doesn’t have a program like this now.  This is scalable and repeatable.  Once we get it started, it can be replicated across departments.  We just need to get it started.  In 10 years, we would see the Town of Auburn employ more Auburn students, and we can offer more services.

I have other ideas about offering veterans’ discounts, vet awards, working with the Veteran’s Agent to do more.  I would bring back the heating assistance golf tournament.  I plan to have a benefits to residents package on my website soon.

Candidate message to voters

I love this town.  Anyone who knows me knows I love this town. I bring leadership when we need leadership.  I led the initiative to preserve the land on Southold Rd. as open space. We have the opportunity to be a model office for Auburn and for the whole state. I’d partner with other departments, be a centralized source of information, advocate for the residents, and bring Ritz-Carlton style customer service to the Town Clerk’s office.