Barnes St. Brush Fire Quickly Snuffed Out

by | May 6, 2015

A brush fire sparked by smoldering ashes was quickly extinguished by the Auburn Fire Rescue Department on Tuesday afternoon.

At about 6:25pm, Auburn Fire Rescue received a call from the homeowner at 30 Barnes St. to report a brush fire behind his house. Engine 1, Engine 3 and Forestry 1 responded and attacked the fire from Barnes St., Deertrack Rd., and from the back yard of an abutting property, quickly containing the blaze.

According to the homeowner, Stephen Standring, he had disposed of some ashes in the woods quite some time earlier.  “The ashes were cool to touch, I had doused them” he said.

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Fortunately, the family was home at the time and noticed smoke coming from the woods behind their home. “I ran out there, but then we called the fire department right away” said Standring. “It was spreading really fast.”

There was no damage to any structures. There was an area about 100 foot by 50 foot of charred ground that firefighters continued to douse to prevent the fire from reigniting. The AFRD urges residents to be careful when disposing of ashes from outdoor fire pits, charcoal grills, or other burning.  The very dry conditions at present create a prime environment for brush fires.